Constipation: Les Causes et remèdes maison efficace


Constipation is a problem faced by most of our teenagers and almost half of the old citizens and can be very painful and bloody. Constipation in medical terms is defined as less than three poops a week, discomfort while pooping and of course abdominal pains. Reaching out the cause root of constipation and curing it can help you and your loved ones to get rid of this issue, which can go chronic with time, and can make you healthy in many ways.

Many patients complain about the chronic constipation issues which can sometimes lead to Hemorrhoids or Piles. Cases have been reported mainly in America, where severe constipation and piles have led to Colon cancer due to infection in the lower part of rectum and anus. Physicians and nutritionist have found out that the root cause of constipation is again our unhealthy eating habits.

1. You might have changed your eating habits or your daily diet.
2. You’ve been resting too much. Being inactive can also be a reason you haven’t pooped.
3. Your body isn’t hydrated enough. Water is a problem solver in most cases when it comes to health.
4. Not enough fiber intake can cause severe constipation.
5. Eating too many dairy products like cheese and full cream products.
6. Pregnancy
7. Stress and over use of tranquilizers
8. Resistance to poop. It has been noted in teenagers that they resist the urge to poop and this may cause constipation.
9. Excessive intake of red meat.

Home Remedies for curing constipation:

1. Drink lots of water. Water can almost solve every problem your body faces.
2. Take more vegetables and fruits that have fiber in them.
• Fibrous vegetables: Broccoli, carrots, beets, peas and soy beans along with sweet potatoes.
• Fibrous fruits: Apples (with peals), raspberries, bananas, guavas and oranges.
3. Try eating more oats, bran grains and whole wheat.
4. Exercise more, sit less. The more you become active the more your body works and you’ll have no difficulty in pooping
5. Caffeinated coffee, specially the one in morning can help boost your urge to poop.
6. Prebiotic foods (bananas, garlic and onions) can also help in getting rid of constipation.
7. Try avoiding dairy for some time.
8. NEVER ignore the urge to poop.
Eat more greens, exercise well, go for a walk and keep your body hydrated.